MPS3000 modular Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle

MPS3000-4300MPS-3000 Multi-Purpose ROV and Sampling Platform
The MPS-3000 system is a modular Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV). This unit was designed to take core samples at ocean depths of up to 2000m.This new system incorporates the fully independent 75hp ROV in a package that includes a multi-function sampling platform, which can be configured to:Take up to ten 4m samples per deployment.

  • Take bulk sediment grab samples of up to 200 litres.
  • Collect multiple, individually stored smaller grab samples.
  • Accommodate an array of sensors to meet client project specifications.


MPS3000 Control Panel GUI

This all-inclusive solution is operated via PC based software that makes full use of the package`s sonar, gyro-compass, depth sensor, altimeter, video cameras, lighting and various other sensors and bathymetry tools.

The images on the right illustrate the MPS-3000 software user interface.

Working in unison, the MPS-3000 and sampling platform is a complete offshore solution to sediment sampling and environmental surveys associated with sampling depths of 2000m.

click here to view or download the MPS3000 ROV specificationsMPS3000 Control Panel GUI