About Us

Submersible Equipment & Services is a privately owned Australian company that has been delivering high quality vibrocoring and environmental surveying systems to a range of domestic and international clients since 1983. SEAS vibrocoring systems are manufactured in Coffs Harbour, Australia.

We’re committed to creating solutions for clients that exceed their expectations, and will leave them with a product from which they will get many years of effective and reliable usage.

Our products can be used offshore for a range of tasks such as:VC-450-vibrocoring-tower-assembly

  • Site Surveys
  • Pre-Dredge surveys
  • Anchor site survey
  • Pipeline feasibility studies
  • Environmental sampling
  • Mineral exploration
  • Marine research
  • Contaminated site surveys

as well as onshore sampling programs such as:

  • Soil sampling
  • Acid-sulfate soil monitoring
  • Carbon sequestration monitoring
  • Site surveys including roads and building sites
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Contaminated site surveys

Our products can operate from onshore to 3000m below sea level. We understand that our clients have a wide range of requirements, so we like to work personally with them to tailor the products and services that will best suit their needs.

At SEAS we have an R&D ethic dedicated to resolving coring situations and challenges which other equipment is unable to deliver on.

We are more than willing to discuss difficulties you may have encountered in projects, and to assist in delivering your desired outcomes.