VC-700 Vibracoring System

The SEAS VC-700 is the newest and largest of SEAS single core vibracoring systems, catering for water depths to 1000m and core samples up to 6.5m in length.

The SEAS VC-700 follows the same light weight highly efficient system design as the smaller VC-450, but incorporates a 4.4kW drive head to provide greater penetration in tough coring conditions. A central access bore has been included through the centre of the drive head to allow utilization of piston coring techniques to aide recovery if desired.

VC-700 Vibrocoring System with telemetry podFor Deeper water operation, SEAS can provide telemetry and sensors to monitor coring operations and provide real-time feedback on coring progress. The system is ideally suited to operating with SEAS Launch and Recovery System (LARS), which facilitates faster and safer deployment in a wider range of sea conditions than can be achieved with conventional deck crane configurations.

click here to view or download the VC-700 Vibracoring System specifications