SEAS Offshore Pty Ltd

Submersible Equipment & Services is a privately owned Australian company that has been delivering high quality vibrocoring and environmental surveying systems to a range of domestic and international clients since 1983.

Vibrocoring (also known as vibracoring) is a method of rapidly retrieving continuous, undisturbed core samples from unconsolidated and semi-consolidated sediments. Vibrocorers are typically deployed in marine environments with water depths in the 0-200m range, however this sampling method may also be employed to recover core samples in terrestrial environments.

The core barrel (standard at 76mm ID 80mm OD aluminium for the SEAS systems) is vibrated into the sediment whilst fixed to the vibrocorer head. The sediment in immediate contact of the core barrel forms a ‘liquefied’ boundary layer by the vibration mechanics enabling the core barrel to penetrate the sediment strata. This method of core sampling was refined in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s and has become an invaluable tool for geotechnical, geological and survey projects where rapid, quality and cost effective collection of sediment data is required.

At SEAS, we’ve been building high-quality vibrocoring systems and providing coring services to a range of domestic and international clients since 1983.

  • Daru PNG, The LAB MV Zephyr
  • MPS3000 Control Panel GUI
  • MPS3000 Control Panel GUI
  • Chatham Rise NZ, Recovery on LARS

Whilst we specialise in offshore sediment sampling equipment and services, our Vibrocoring Systems are also ideally suited to onshore sampling projects. All of our products are made using the most durable materials, and are manufactured with the express purpose of providing a long life of trouble-free and cost effective operation.

At SEAS, we’re dedicated to making your vibrocore sampling job as simple, cost-effective and rewarding as possible.

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