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Frc Environmental Daru

2014 Vibracoring Projects

January – June 2014
Alfa 1 Technologies, Aparri, Philippines, Iron Sands resource assessment, Operational staff and project support (VC-700)

January 2014
URS, Darwin NT, Pre-dredge survey / contaminated sediment (VC-450)Darwin URS Sub-sampling East Arm

March 2014
Aurecon, Darwin NT, Geotechnical Survey (VC-450)

April 2015
URS, Darwin NT, Pre-dredge survey / contaminated sediment (VC-450)

June 2014
GHD, Koolan Island, Piston / Gravity core

July 2014
Dof Subsea, NW shelf, WA Puffin Field, Piston Coring, Anchor placement survey

July 2014
Tauranga Port Authority, Tauranga, NZ Harbour, survey, pre-dredge (VC-450)

September 2014
Dof Subsea, Malampaya, Philippines, Gas Pipeline survey. Piston corer, 800 m water depth.

December 2014
FURG, Brazil Rio Grande, Brazil, SALE: SEAS VC-450 system

2012 Vibracoring Projects

Nov 2012
Frc Environmental Daru, PNG port development survey, contaminated sediment study.

3m Core deploymentAugust 2012
J & S Drilling / GPC, Gladstone Harbour; Pre-dredge contaminated sediment study.

June 2012
IXSurvey / URS
East Arm Wharf development Darwin Harbour, Pre-dredge contaminated sediment study.

May 2012
IXSurvey / Odyssey Marine / Chatham Rock Phosphate
Chatham Rise NZ, 400m water depth phosphate nodule survey.

February 2012
IXSurvey Darwin Harbour Charles Point survey.

January 2012
FMG Pacific / Western Work Boats NZ
Manukau / New Plymouth, NZ; Ironsand resource definition.
LARS fitted onto Tranquil Image to facilitate safer operating conditions off the testing west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.