Our products are all made from the highest quality materials, and are built to last through the extensive wear and tear that occurs during sampling exercises. Whilst we designed our range to cover a variety of onshore and offshore sampling purposes, we are able to build custom systems to accommodate different client requirements. Please call or email us and we can work towards a complete solution for your unique specifications.
Chatham Rise NZ, Recovery on LARSLaunch and Recovery System (LARS)
SEAS has designed and fabricated a Launch and Recovery System (LARS) to enhance safety during offshore operations. The LARS was first employed during a coring programme for FMG Pacific off the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island and fitted to the Western Work Boats NZ vessel ‘Tranquil Image’. The new equipment allowed operations in conditions previously deemed unsafe. The increased operation time resulted in the project to be completed efficiently with up to 20 cores, 6m in length, collected in a 12 hour period, in water depths ranging from 60 – 100m.
The LARS was slightly modified to improve the operations after the initial project shakedown and to meet engineering review by Bureau Veritas.
The system has a modular is easily assembled on site after transport. SEAS expect the LARS to improve operations and safety during future coring programmes in sea conditions where deployment by A-frame or crane are unworkable.
SEAS has designed and fabricated a 4.4kW vibracorer to compliment the reliable VC-380 and VC-450 systems. The unit is electrically powered by 3 Phase 415Vac power supply.
The VC-700 is depth rated to 1000m and is a scaled up model of the VC-450.
The weight of the unit has been kept to a minimum (230 Kg) and is operated within a modular guide tower similar in design to the other vibrocoring models in the SEAS range.
The larger model is expected to allow extra penetration in the well sorted fine sands which pose problems for most vibrocore systems.
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Variable Speed / Frequency controller
SEAS have incorporated a variable speed control system for the VC-450 1.1kW system.
The ability to vary the vibration frequency in the range from 0 – 33 Hz will allow the vibration to be modified to the sediment type being sampled. The new equipment is to be trialled and compared to the penetration rates and depth of the fixed 16.6 Hz of the VC-450 system.
SEAS Box Corer
SEAS have designed and fabricated a large Box Corer to add to the equipment inventory.
The Box Corer can collect a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm sediment sample in a stainless steel box.
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Piston Corer
SEAS are presently designing a 110mm ID piston corer for the recovery of sediment cores to 25m in length. The system will be modular and may be assembled in 3m stages with; polycarbonate, acrylic or PVC liner. The LARS for the vibrocoring systems in planned to be incorporated in the deploy and recovery of the piston corer.
A new core cutter / retainer has been designed to provide complete closure of the core barrel end and provide zero core loss on recovery to the vessel deck.
Accelerometers will be attached to both the trip latch and the coring head to provide a record of the penetration forces for each core sample.
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Gravity Corer
The Piston corer system can also be operated as a gravity corer with the inclusion of a non-return valve at the top of the core barrel assembly.
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VC-450 vibrocorer unit VC-450
The VC-450 is our standard model, and was designed as a highly capable all-rounder vibracorer. The unit has an operating depth of up to 200m and weighs only 110kg.Made from steel and aluminium, the VC-450 is a highly durable, reliable unit able to handle the challenging conditions associated with collecting multiple samples over extended sampling programs.
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VC-450 vibrocoring tower VC-450 Tower
The SEAS VC-450 vibracoring system includes an aluminum guide tower assembly that can be configured for different core lengths from 1m to 6m.The tower is fully demountable, packing into a single crate for transport. Assembly is quick and achievable on site for rapid mobilization of the coring program. The tower height and stabilizing legs can be configured to suit the deployment conditions and core length required.The guide tower assembly’s lightweight aluminium tubing construction allows ease of handling and configuration to meet the coring program’s requirements and service vessel capabilities.
VC-380 vibrocorer unit VC-380
The VC-380 has a similar durable design to the VC-450 model, but weighs a lighter 65kg. We designed this model to be light and easy to handle, whilst still able to take 76mm diameter samples from depths of up to 50m.This unit can take cores of up to 3m from a variety of environments and sediment structures, and is well suited to being operated from smaller work vessels, where having lightweight and simple-to-manoeuvre equipment is a necessity.
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VC-380 vibrocoring tower VC-380 Tower
The SEAS VC-380 vibracoring system also includes a scaled-down guide tower similar in design to that employed for the VC-450. This tower can be configured for core lengths from 1m to 3m.The guide tower assembly is constructed of lightweight aluminium tubing for quick and easy assembly and on-site deployment. Its light weight allows ease of handling and for cores to be recovered from small work boats and platforms in situations where larger vessels cannot operate.
VC-2000T vibrocorer unit VC-2000T
The VC-2000T was developed for sediment core sampling in water depths of up to 2000m, and yet only weighs 135kg. Whilst this unit can be deployed to retrieve single core samples, when used in conjunction with the SEAS MPS-3000 system the 2000T can take up to ten core samples per dive.Whilst being similar in physical design and dimensions to the VC-450, the titanium construction of the VC-2000T keeps the unit relatively light whilst still being able to withstand the extreme conditions of deep sea core sampling.
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MPS 3000 modular Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle MPS-3000 Multi-Purpose ROV and Sampling Platform
The MPS-3000 system is a modular Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle (ROV). This unit was designed to take core samples at ocean depths of up to 2000m.This new system incorporates the fully independent 75hp ROV in a package that includes a multi-function sampling platform, which can be configured to:Take up to ten 4m samples per deployment.

  • Take bulk sediment grab samples of up to 200 litres.
  • Collect multiple, individually stored smaller grab samples.
  • Accommodate an array of sensors to meet client project specifications.

This all-inclusive solution is operated via PC based software that makes full use of the package`s sonar, gyro-compass, depth sensor, altimeter, video cameras, lighting and various other sensors and bathymetry tools.

Working in unison, the MPS-3000 and sampling platform is a complete offshore solution to sediment sampling and environmental surveys associated with sampling depths of 2000m.

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