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2012 Vibrocoring Project News

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Nov 2012
Frc Environmental Daru, PNG port development survey, contaminated sediment study.

3m Core deploymentAugust 2012
J & S Drilling / GPC, Gladstone Harbour; Pre-dredge contaminated sediment study.

June 2012
IXSurvey / URS
East Arm Wharf development Darwin Harbour, Pre-dredge contaminated sediment study.

May 2012
IXSurvey / Odyssey Marine / Chatham Rock Phosphate
Chatham Rise NZ, 400m water depth phosphate nodule survey.

February 2012
IXSurvey Darwin Harbour Charles Point survey.

January 2012
FMG Pacific / Western Work Boats NZ
Manukau / New Plymouth, NZ; Ironsand resource definition.
LARS fitted onto Tranquil Image to facilitate safer operating conditions off the testing west coast of New Zealand’s North Island.

SEAS Offshore Vibrocoring Projects in 2011

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December 2011
Hydrobiology, Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo contaminated sediment study.

Chatham Rise NZ, 1.5m core (6 inch diameter) at 400m water depthSeptember 2011
KAPE, Bautino, Kazakhstan, Equipment operational training.

August 2011
Worley Parsons, Anketell – Point Samson, WA contaminated sediment study.

May – June 2011
Ironsands Offshore Mining NZ / Western Workboats NZ.
Ironsand resource definition and core sample logging / description.

Seas Offshore vibrocoring demonstration in Tauranga Harbour

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Seas Offshore provide a field demonstration of the SEAS VC450 vibrocoring system in Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand.

The industry representatives (Greymouth Petroleum, Ironsands Offshore Mining Ltd and Waikato University) who attended gained first hand experience of SEAS vibrocoring technology in the working environment. The cores collected were donated to Waikato University Dept of Earth Sciences for analysis.

Seas Offshore engages IXSurvey Australia

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iXsurvey Australia logoIXSurvey Australia engaged as a service provider for Market Research and Development in Europe and New Zealand.

Seas Offshore coring programme in Darwin Harbour

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Seas Offshore coring programme in Darwin Harbour.

A coring programme in conjunction with BMT-WMB, iXSurvey Australia and the Northern Territory Dept of Lands was completed early December 2010.

A total of 150 cores of up to 3m in length were acquired, described and logged over a 10 day period, in water depth to 13m.


Seas Offshore and Western Work Boats

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western-work-boats-logoSeas Offshore secure an exclusive service agreement with Western Work Boats Ltd to supply work boats for vibrocoring operations in New Zealand waters.