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Seas Offshore coring programme in Darwin Harbour

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Seas Offshore coring programme in Darwin Harbour.

A coring programme in conjunction with BMT-WMB, iXSurvey Australia and the Northern Territory Dept of Lands was completed early December 2010.

A total of 150 cores of up to 3m in length were acquired, described and logged over a 10 day period, in water depth to 13m.


Seas Offshore and Western Work Boats

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western-work-boats-logoSeas Offshore secure an exclusive service agreement with Western Work Boats Ltd to supply work boats for vibrocoring operations in New Zealand waters.

Vibrocore News and Information

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SEAS vibrocoring equipment in service globally

SEAS Vibrocoring products are used in core sampling operations all around the world. You’ll find SEAS Vibrocore products in Australia, the USA, Canada, ┬áColombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Guatemala and Brazil.

Examples of companies and institutions using SEAS Vibrocoring systems include:

  • Louisiana State University (USA)
  • EGS Hong Kong
  • Samicor (Namibia)
  • Quaternary Resources (Australia)
  • Geosciences Australia